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Drone view at new ground floor slab

A New-Build house for a single person whose children and grandchildren still visit but who currently lives on their own.

For this exciting project we persuaded our client to build a new, efficient house immediately adjacent to her existing house that she and her family had occupied for many years. Much of the consulting process was trying to pare down the essence of what our client really wanted and needed from a house rather than replicate or try to miniaturise her old house. For this to happen it was important that our client acknowledge the positive features of her old house all the while admitting that it had failings and shortcomings too.

For designs to emerge a rapport with the client is vital. It was important for our client to retain her paintings and places in which to display them. To that end a succession of full height walls around her staircase wells will give our client top floor.

As with other clients this house too was ‘ future proofed’ as far as possible. An elevator shaft was installed (which, because it might never become necessary) will initially space to display many of her paintings all illuminated by a light well on the serve as a series of useful storage cupboards on each floor. The design of the staircase includes lower, wider stairs rising straight rather than around tight corners. There are two bedrooms on the first floor with en suite bathrooms in the event that should the need occur a third party could co-habit but both retaining a certain privacy. All windows sit nearer to floor level so that views out are ensured in both a sitting and standing position. The design of the shower rooms and kitchen all acknowledge ergonomic considerations that have been candidly discussed with our client. We would hope that working closely with our client we have together identified and incorporated elements of the familiar with exciting new elements and through discussion made provisions for both present and possible future needs.

Residential modern barn

Residential modern Barn Barr architects were commissioned by the owners of a thatched barn in the village of Grantchester outside Cambridge to design a new wing. This needed to be sensitively done to avoid having any detrimental effect on the handsome, stand-alone thatched barn. The relationship of the new wing, containing new entry lobby, bathroom […]

Cambridge modern house

Barr architects have worked in the last twelve months with our clients on a challenging brief to redesign an existing period property.The existing property was extended over the years by the last owner with a new indoor pool and games room with conservatories and extensions, which sadly created sprawling incoherent unconnected spaces. It was decided […]

New Youth Centre

Barr architects were appointed to develop a design for a new youth centre in Cambridge. Liaison and consultation with the youth club members and other potential users of the new building, the trustees, the Parish council, and the local planning authority, were important to ensure the building would serve the community in a growing city […]